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Retro Stripes Pink Brown
Retro Stripes Pink Brown
More About Canvas Art!
"I think that canvas is an excellent material to print original works on. We are greatfull to development of these technologies which have made our forum possible.

Luckily, we are living in time when artists have a range of methods to produce and display their works inedependently, giving art fans unique opporunities to enjoy them..."
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About Printing Canvas and Some Quality

About Printing Canvas and Some Quality Related FAQs

who is printing canvas? is a small family-run-business in Sheffield, UK. It was started in 2005 with the opening of our first online interactive gallery Since then, our sales have been through our online shop only. We have a studio in Sheffield where our images are digitally enhanced and printed by Epson professional printers. We own the copyrights of all images displayed in our galleries. They are designed by the independent artist "valerif" who is an self-representing artist currently based in UK. We are a small company and our mission is to maintain customers satisfaction. Thus we pay maximum attention to the needs of our customers and care about the outcome of our work.

unique canvas art

We are very proud to offer unique canvas art works. They are not the same "well-known" stocks of images that could be purchased from super stores like Ikea. We also do not resale mass production copies of art works made in South East of Asia. We design all our images ourselves, print them, frame them and pack them here in the UK. This is why we can assure our customers extremely high standard quality of our product.

printing service to digital artists

We also offer a high quality printing service to any digital artists, including those without professional background. We give free pre-printing advise on the printability of their images including a free printed test patch. This service allows our customers to evaluate the materials as well as the colours of the prints. We will not print images without consulting with our customers fist.

We Only Use Quality Canvas Art Materials

We use top quality fine art canvas
Artistic Top Quality Canvas! The canvas we use is for those who seek the absolute best colour reproduction and longevity attainable, as well as crack resistance and sheer strength when stretching over frames. Our customers can be assured that their money is being invested well because their colour reproduction and longevity are at their absolute maximum.

we realise that our prints have to be able to:

  • render the widest colour range and highest dinamic reproduction values,
  • be extremely durable so that it can be stretched over frames without cracking or tearing,
  • have a heavy, natural feel and appropriate texture,
  • The canvas we use is a museum-grade poly cotton blend extra heavy (420gms) that delivers excellent roll-to-roll consistency and industry leading dinamic range value. This canvas has produced colour which will truly blow your mind. It is 100% cotton, with its smooth surface and industry leading Dmax value, fits hand in hand with the work of fine art photographers and illustrators. This is the smoothest canvas available today, with subtle texture that still making it a noticeable canvas.

    We optionally apply a specially designed protective coatings to the prints
    Glamour II Veneer Post-print coatings protect, preserve and enhance fine art and photographic prints produced on digital inkjet printers.

    They protect and preserve prints by preventing harmful ultraviolet light from burning out optical brightener additives and other fluorescent whitening additives, which protects the canvas from yellowing, moisture and abrasion.

    The post-print coatings we use enhance our prints by increasing density, which brightens the colour of printed images. For example, the coating can make blacks darker, reds deeper, and yellows brighter. The coatings service is optional.

    We use modern slim pine stretcher bars
    Slim and Moders Stretchers To stretch the canvas prints we use high quality pine stretcher bars. The canvas is wrapped around the edges of the frame and is stretched by using internal wedges. The frames we use are deep 0.7" (1.8cm) slim contemporary style. The wedges we use are the best possible way to stretch a canvas and also allow the canvas to be tensioned in the future should it become loose.

    Epson latest generation professional printers and inks
    Latest generation Epson pinters The inks used in this process are especially formulated for fine art printing, offering a wide gamut and a high UV-resistance. The K3 eight color inks printing system used with our prints gurantees 75 years light-fastness for color prints and up to 100 years for B/W prints. Unlike other reproduction methods such as lithography or four-color printing, each Giclee print is individually sent to the ink jet printer. This process gives each print personal attention to its quality.