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Retro Stripes Muddy
Retro Stripes Muddy
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"I think that canvas is an excellent material to print original works on. We are greatfull to development of these technologies which have made our forum possible.

Luckily, we are living in time when artists have a range of methods to produce and display their works inedependently, giving art fans unique opporunities to enjoy them..."
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Chihuahua Sierras
Chihuahua Sierras
Colours may show differently on different PC monitor settings!
Chihuahua Sierras

Chihuahua, the largest state, lies in northern Mexico. It has an area of 245,945 square kilometers (94,960 square miles), about one-third the size of the US state of Texas. Chihuahua is bordered on the north by the US states of New Mexico and Texas, on the south by the Mexican state of Durango, on the east by the Mexican state of Coahuila, on the west by the Mexican state of Sonora, and on the southwest by the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Chihuahua has sixty-seven municipalities. Its capital is also called Chihuahua.

Stretched on Pine Frame Canvas:
*Frame depth: 0,7 inch / 1.8cm
10 x 24 inch / 28 x 56 cm (23.99) 
22 x 42 inch / 56 x 107 cm (72.99) 
4 way split, each 10 x 24 inch / 25 x 61 cm (99.99) 
4 way split, each 22 x 44 inch / 56 x 112 cm (228.00) 
Protect More from Moisture/Light :     (+9.99)